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The project Bit&Nibs seeks the implementation of new disruptive technologies to evolve in the chocolate and cocoa business. As members of the project Bit&Nibs we are convinced of the fact that helping others do good business is the best way to do business. We want to develop a company where everyone has the opportunity to build a more transparent world. And although our industry is focused on the chocolate and cocoa, we understand that working with the transparency and honesty guaranteed only by the blockchain and the intelligent contracts, we will become a reference for any institution looking for the kind of democratic and open management that up till now used to be a dream.

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Investing in Venezuelan Cocoa and Chocolate

Many experts argue that the Venezuelan cocoa is the best in the world. Perhaps this statement does not give enough credit to the work that has been done in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia to gain the title of the country with the best cocoa in the world. However, though is true that the processes followed to obtain a cocoa deserving of the title of the best of the world in Venezuela have been neglected, we believe that the great variety of Venezuelan exquisite cocoa has no possible comparison in the world.

Venezuela has historically been a producer of cocoa. But, sadly, Venezuela is no longer recognized as one of the best producers of cocoa of the world, basically for two main reasons: the boom of the oil industry and wrong policies.

However, the immense potential of Venezuela in this area is still there, particularly in regions where growing cocoa is part of ancient traditions that have always ensured the deserved reputation of Venezuelan cocoa and chocolate.

Moreover, in a context where the most valuable product is no longer a barrel of oil, cocoa is positioned as the best option for hundreds of families to overcome poverty: a pound of Venezuelan chocolate in any European market has a higher value than the value of a barrel of oil.

Furthermore, today Venezuela has the cheapest labor of the world. Perhaps investing in the chocolate sector in Venezuela is not the best deal you can make; perhaps it isn't even delicious for you because you might not like chocolate, but we can assure you that it will be the best deal for you if you want to obtain dividends as well as the satisfaction of achieving social objectives.